60 @ 60


Omotayo Edubi

The Management and Staff of Northeast Star Magazine/ Our Nigeria held an emergency meeting to deliberate on ideas that would move the company forward.

The Publisher/Chief Executive Officer Dr. Abubakar Mohammed Sani expressed his concern on the content of the Northeast Star website; he said he wants the website to have an accurate balance with the whole North East region. He also emphasized on the lack of sports and entertainment stories, saying the people in the region love sports and he thinks it will drive more traffic to the site. He urged the Staff to do more analysis, interviews and capture more governmental projects as it would to bring more PR and advert to the company. Dr. Abubakar announced that the company would be recruiting an editorial board and nominations would begin soon.

He also announced a special project called “60 @ 60”, a book based on the lives of prominent Nigerians born in 1960 for the 60th Independent Anniversary of Nigeria’s independence. He then called on Editors and Reporters to research on the personalities that fit this category.

Mr. Balami thanked The Publisher for giving him an opportunity to be the Editor-in-Chief of this reputable Magazine; he assured the staff that he still on the project with the NNPC. He promised it would be successful.

Mr. Auwal, The Online Editor of Our Nigeria commended the Publisher on the effort to pushing the company to the next level. He reminded the Publisher that the website needs to have the News Agency of Nigeria’s uninterrupted access so as to have more content on the website. He however mentioned the growth of the site, saying the Facebook page alone has over 10 thousand followers with over 1 thousand engagements, likes and comments which is record breaking for our company.

Mr. Zayyad Ahmed, The General Manager of Sprezzatura Publishing Company pleaded to ask the difference between Northeast Star Magazine / Our Nigeria and Sprezzatura ? The Publisher made it clear that Northeast Star birthed Our Nigeria because there are a lot of things happening in the country that cannot be covered by the Northeast Star Magazine majorly because of proximity.

100 days of governors in office also came up, The Publisher advised the staff and urged the reporters to give accountability of the work that has been done in a space of taking over till date.

Mr Diwa also made mention of how he wants the Northeast Star Magazine to be “the official news house for the North Eastern region”.


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