The dying Ray of Hope: Fatima Ali Abdullahi


By Mohammed Usman Garga

The Borno state of North-eastern Nigeria as widely known as the epicenter of the dreadful Boko Haram insurgency homes a score of commensurable persons grossly affected by the terrorists’ activities.

Until an insurgency attack in 2015, Sogiri; a poverty-stricken community of Konduga local government area of Borno state, was peacefully home to about a thousand people. The unprecedented havoc led to the total displacement of the people in the community. The ugly incidence which claimed the lives of many, rendered people homeless, economically powerless and inflicting a seeming lifelong trauma on the people of the community.

Fatima Ali Abdullahi, a victim (now based in Jiddari of Galtimari ward of Jere local government), was helplessly rendered a widow during the attack on their community.

Her husband left behind with her five children; three girls (Hadiza, Hajara, and Sakina) and two boys (Ali and Garba), with the first child; Ali Bukar aged sixteen and Sakina the youngest among the children aged five. Ali and Garba have been enrolled in school by Hajiya Hajara (a high school teacher and the woman in whose house the widow and her children are sheltered).

Poor Fatima is sadly not in search of future for herself and children. She lives in a state of Hopelessness. Firmly believing that hers, without a husband, is an end waiting for the last tick of the clock.

Sakina, Fatima’s youngest child is completely unaware of how bleak her beginning and the current situation is.

In the search for a better life for Sakina, her kins and Fatima Ali Abdullahi; their mother, can humanity stand for this poor innocent family?


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