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Bauchi Monarch urge couples to embrace CBS for healthier babies


Bauchi Monarch urge couples to embrace CBS for healthier babies.

By Ahmed Ahmed

The Emir of Dass in Bauchi state, Alhaji Usman Othman has called on couples to embrace Child birth spacing (CBS) practice for healthier babies and future financial planning.

Othman made the call in an interview with Journalists on Wednesday in Bauchi, said Childbirth spacing gives the baby good health.

He said CBS practice gives the future babies good health, because their Mom’s body had enough time to replace nutrient stores before getting pregnant again.

“I am enjoying couples embracing child birth spacing for good health and maternal deaths would be reduced.

“Baby can be born at the right time and have a healthy weight, Baby can develop well because Mom can give lots of attention to the baby.

“Parents have a basic human right to determine freely and responsibly the number and the spacing of their children.” he said.

The Monarch said children who are adequately spaced are better prepared to begin kindergarten, and perform better in school.

“Child birth spacing does more than save lives; it also saves money. For money invested in reproductive health services some amount is saved in pregnancy-related health-care costs.

“The spacing also gives parents more time for each other and have time to themselves as well as have less financial stress,” he said

Othman reiterated that he will continue to advocate for child spacing for proper planning of the future and health of the children.

He urged traditional and religious leaders to educate their subjects on the benefits of child spacing in their domains and areas.

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