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Boko Haram insurgency: Grand conspiracy by war profiteers-Albarnawi


A renown Islamic cleric in Maiduguri, Sheikh Muhammad Mustapha Albarnawi, has described the eleven-year-old Boko Haram insurgency as a grand conspiracy by war entrepreneurs for worldly gains and accumulation.

Sheikh Albarnawi stated this on Friday, at a Jumma’a Sermon in Maiduguri the Borno State capital.

The cleric accused some ill-fated security agents and fifth columnists among the civilian population of constituting themselves into a stumbling in the war against insurgency and terrorism.

Sheikh Albarnawi equally accused Nigerian government and army authorities of failing to provide sophisticated weapons for soldiers on battlegrounds, as well as discouraging them from fighting back, as planned efforts to allow the insurgency to linger.

He said, “In our discussions with security experts and analysts, they affirmed that the way things are going, the insurgency may not end in twenty years .”

The cleric lamented that the public was disallowed to arm themselves with weapons for self-defence, while the insurgents are freely walking with sophisticated weapons than even the Nigerian army.

He reminded the government and relevant stakeholders of their primary responsibilities of protecting lives and properties, stressing that all must account for their deeds in the day of judgment.

Describing the menace as a divine test, Sheikh Albarnawi called on the public to intensity in prayers, as such remains the only way forward to the menace.

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