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Borno partners bank to produce wheat, gum arabic for exports

Borno partners bank to produce wheat, gum arabic for exports


Borno partners bank to produce wheat, gum arabic for exports

Story from Tada JUTHA, Maiduguri

The Borno State Government is to partner Arab Bank for Economic Development (ABED) in the production of wheat and Gum Arabic for export to earn foreign exchange.

The cash crops are to be produced by Borno farmers in the Lake Chad Basin and northern part of the state.

While presenting the director-General at the weekend in Khartoum, Sudan to Bank’s Director-General, Sidi Ould Tah, the Governor disclosed: “Borno is one of Nigeria’s leading producers of wheat and Gum Arabic.”

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He said that the two cash crops are rated high in the intense national market to earn foreign exchange.

Zulum along with the Chairman of State’s Mega Farms Prthe object, Musa Inuwubo highlighted with video documentary in the Arabic language on the challenges of terrorism on communities, as well as economic recovery efforts.

“There are huge opportunities in our agricultural sector,” he said, stating that given train-feds vast and fertile land resources for irrigation and rain-fed agriculture.

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The Governor’s team also highlighted Borno’s potential as the major producer of Gum Arabic and wheat among other food and cash crops for export.

He said the partnership with the bank is to increase organisation in and export.

“Borno is to tap into the Arab Organisation for AgriculturalThe, therefore, in the bank’s operational structure,” he said.

Tah, therefore, obliged Zulum’s request with discussions on how to identify specifics for both parties for implementation.

The bank, which began operations in 1975; was to strengthen economic, financial and technical cooperation between Arab and African regions.

According to him, the Arab/Africa Cooperation is through financing opportunities for economic development in African countries.

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