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Clarion call to Northern Elites


Clarion call to Northern Elites

By Comrade Auwal Gombe

By glancing at the history of this country, the North had been dominating power at the centre for over 60 years but the North is always volatile, under reported and silent…

Despite, the fact that the richest people are from the North. Amidst of 21 century, the Northern Elites are showing a lackadaisical attitude on social media and Media houses is quite not impressive and pathetic due to their inability to understand the venom or impact of media in the 21 century.

If you consider how the world had turn to digital an digitalized their activities through technologies that bring the Rapid Development in their day and day activities is quite impressive and swift when it comes to passing of information.

By looking at the Global news, update and headlines it always favours those who owns the media houses.

 Example, some developed countries such as America, France and China among others, these countries are technologically flamboyant, if we consider how their news, stories is rapidly spreading is quite astonish. They use their media to protect their interest negative or positive.

Our Northern Elite have to be awaken from their slumbers and invest in media houses and look at it critically and holistically due to the impact of media.

Many things is happening to the northern people of NIGERIA but is hardly to see it in Media headlines or to be story of discussion that days or to be trending through social media houses.

If we Compare and consider how little things drown the attention of media houses in some state in Nigeria you will be surprise.

Northern people are emasculated and even deprived in some state in Nigeria due to the inability and lack of standard northern media house nobody knows and nobody cares.

We don’t have to be left behind at this technological world era.

We have to be well sound when it comes to digital and protecting the interest of Northern Nigeria at large.

 So we are please calling, appealing and Cajoling our beloved Northern elders and Elites to massively invest in. Media by establishing TV and Radio stations so that our North will not be silent at all.

Clarion call to Northern Elites

God bless the federal Republic of Nigeria…

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