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Coalition Advocates for Justice fairness to RATTAWU members


Coalition Advocates for Justice fairness to RATTAWU members

By Ahmed Ahmed

A coalition of all change groups under the Radio, Television, Theatre and Arts Workers Union (RATTAWU) rescue Team has advocated for Justice and fairness to members across the country.

Comrade Adelusi Adebanji For and on behalf of the RATTAWU Rescue Team RRT, a coalition of all Change Groups Advocates, said in a statement on Tuesday in Bauchi.

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He said the RATTAWU Rescue Team is a coalition of all Change Groups advocating for constitutional democracy, accountability, justice and fairness in Radio, Television, Theatre and Arts Workers Union (RATTAWU)

He said calling on Mallam Kabir Garba Tannis National Delegate Conference Planning Committee not exposed members to danger.

“We are hereby calling the attention of the entire world to the inhuman plot by the Comrade Kabir Garba Tannis National Delegate Conference Planning Committee to expose about 3000 members and delegates to danger by insisting on hosting the conference in Zamfara State.

“In defiance to calls by well-meaning leaders and members to consider the security situation in the State at this time.

He explained that the National Delegate Conference Committee officially released the notice of election on Thursday 8th of July facing the date of election to the 15th July, 2021 at a Federal College of Education along Zaria- Gusau Express Road in Zamfara

“Aside from the fact that the NDC Committee has flouted its own guideline which states that the list of the contestants shall be released Not Later than 30 days to the date of election and released the list a day after releasing the notice of election,

Other breaches of the guidelines and insistence on acting under the instruction of the current leadership to ignore the safety concerns being raised have confirmed that the said Committee lacks credibility.

“Sequel to the above, we hereby state as follows: That all contestants within our group WILL NOT participate in the election as well as other events of the Conference,” He said

Mr Adebanji called on the Federal Ministry of Labour and Employment, being the custodian of every Union’s constitution to fact-check the activities of Comrade Kabir Tsanni and the NOC Planning Committee. against the Union Constitution and the Election Guidelines

He also called on the security agencies to call RATTAWU to order so as to avert another calamity inherent in hosting such a gathering in a School compound in the outskirts of the State capital That the heads of security operatives, particularly the Inspector General of Police.

“The Director-General Department of State Security and the Commandant of the Nigerian Security and Civil Defense Corps, are hereby invited to urgently take proactive steps to stop the Conference from holding in Zamfara State when there is an alternative of hosting the conference in Abuja

“That we will continue to press for strict adherence to the constitution of our Union in the implementation of the transition processes and that we shall resist every uncivil plat to do
things the wrong way.

He said he is also calling on the management of all establishments where RATTAWU has its chapters to also intervene in whichever way they can.

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