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Education: Zulum holds impromptu tests for teachers, supports them


Education: Zulum holds impromptu tests for teachers, supports them


Borno State, Governor Professor Babagana Umara Zulum on Monday met with school teachers of Baga numbering 65 and put them to an impromptu aptitude test to determine the level of their qualifications and ability to teach.

The Governor who spends a night in Baga, a famous fishing area on the shores of Lake Chad, also visited Baga hospital, interacted and gave support to health workers as another 4,798 persons in Baga and Cross Kauwa received humanitarian aid on his way back.

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Zulum told the teachers that the essence of the aptitude test is not to sack anyone, but to determine their capacity and know where to place them.

Those that have no capacity to teach would be given a choice, either to redeploy them to the administrative department or send them for further training.

Zulum said that at the end of each year, every teacher and his pupils will be evaluated and Government will also support them with accommodation and other related services.

After interacting and revealing their aptitude test results, Zulum announced a package of 20,000 Naira and 10 yards of fabric (Shadda) to each teacher.

The Senior Secondary School’s Principal and the Primary School Head Teacher each got 50,000 Naira and 10 yards of fabric (Shadda).

“As long as you will make a meaningful impact to the society, we shall support you. We shall evaluate you, and those of you whose salaries need to be upgraded will be updated.” Zulum told the teachers.

“Whenever I come back to this town again, I will call a teacher by name and determine the level of his capacity and that of his pupils.

Zulum also told the teachers that, more pupils’ intake will be encouraged, especially by providing a meal and other support.

Meanwhile, Governor Zulum, after finishing interactions with school teachers, also went to Ibrahim Dada General Hospital, Baga, and interacted with all the health workers.

At the hospital, the Governor went round and inspected the health facility, after which he interacted with health workers found on ground numbering twenty-seven.

Zulum also told them that his administration is ready to support up to 50 indigenous persons of Kukawa Local Government, who are willing to further their education, especially younger ones wishing to go for courses in medicine and other related courses.

On discovering that the hospital lacks a medical Doctor, Zulum directed for the appointment of any medical doctor willing to stay and work in the town.

Immediately at the spot, Zulum gave an executive approval of an appointment to a Medical Doctor, who is an indigene of Kukawa.

Each of the twenty-seven health workers got 20,000 Naira support, and a bag of rice, while the two heads of the maternity departments got 50,000 Naira and a bag of rice too while eleven volunteers who work at the hospital also got 10,000 Naira.

As Zulum spends the night in Baga, another 4,798 persons receive humanitarian aid

To complete his humanitarian trip in Kukawa Local Government, another 4,798 persons in Baga and Cross Kauwa received humanitarian aid, after which the Governor inspected and supported school teachers and health workers.

Despite heavy rainfall in Baga, Zulum did not stay back. He rather took his time to continue his humanitarian trip by distributing food, clothes and cash to the people. Recall that, he had given similar support to the newly resettled community in Doron Baga the previous day.

Those in Cross Kauwa were resettled during the Governor’s trip, while those in Baga returned eleven months ago.

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Of the total number of beneficiaries in both towns, 2,905 women, each received a bag of rice, a bag of maize grits, a roll of the wrapper and 10,000 Naira cash, while 1,893 men received a bag of rice, a bag of maize grits, and 10,000 Naira cash.

Education: Zulum holds impromptu tests for teachers, supports them

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