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Improving minds with Collins Mbakwe


Improving minds with Collins Mbakwe

How irrational some men can be. Your wife gives birth to strings of female children and you are blaming her, treating her with disdain? Is she God? Who even told you male children are more important? Millions of people are crying, asking God to bless them even with just one female child, and you are blessed with more than one, yet you are angry, to the point of venting your spleen on your unsuspecting wife.

I find it disheartening that the woman who had gone through the pangs of birth is the one abused. A man such as this needs to go have his head checked. Only God gives children, and he decides the gender.

Sadly, this disconcerting trend has led to a plethora of broken homes, failed marriages, and disharmony in various families. Many men even go to the extent of abandoning their children simply because they are females. It’s a shame.

Every child irrespective of gender is important. They are all blessings from God. Don’t blame anyone when you are blessed with strings of male children or female children. It is about time everyone understood that both genders are important as they play complementary roles. Our wish is to be blessed with both, but it turns out that you are blessed with just one of the genders, and be happy and thankful to God. Many others have been wishing to have what you have.

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