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New Naira Note: Commotions at ATM stands as bank customers jostle to withdraw savings (Video)


New Naira Note: Commotions at ATM stands as bank customers jostle to withdraw savings

The scarcity of the new naira note is biting hard on Nigerians as people jostle in banking halls and ATM stands across the nation to get access to their savings.

Our Correspondent visited some Banks in Abuja Metropolis and reports that there are queues at limited ATMs dispensing as many showed their frustration about the new naira scarcity.

At an ATM stand, some customers engaged in a physical battle by throwing a fist.

Many of the ATMs in some banks are not dispensing owing to the unavailability of the new naira notes.


A banker who spoke on the condition of anonymity said his branch wrote a letter to request the new naira notes and waited for a week before the new naira was transported to them which can not even meet the demands of their customers.

He said, ” we wrote a letter last week, and they just sent us the new naira notes, as I speak to you we only have five hundred thousand naira at our ATM.”

Some of the customers urged the CBN to make the new naira available.

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Ahmed Kareem said, ” I have been at this ATM for more than three hours, the network is fluctuating, and the minimum a customer can withdraw is not more than Twenty thousand naira, if you have two cards you will withdraw forty thousand.


Another bank user Abudullai Bishir said, ” The suffering is too much, you have your money, you don’t have access to it, and you can’t get it from the bank and the ATM.”

They also condemned POS operators for extorting people at this time as many said the operators charged high for their services.

A visit to some POS stands revealed that many of the POS operators don’t have cash at hand which makes them charge high for the limited amount they have at their disposal.

The effort to speak to the bank officials proved abortive as many denied us an interview which revealed that there is more to the scarcity

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