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People, Motorists Stranded as water take over Maiduguri Busiest Roundabout.


People, Motorists Stranded as water take over Maiduguri Busiest Roundabout..

The popular and busiest post office round about in maiduguri today is in a dreadlock as Motorists and hundreds of people waiting for keke napep have been Stranded in the place after an hour long heavy rainfall in the city of maiduguri.

People in their hundreds can be seen walking in water from the major roundabouts up to the Jaiz bank Junction along with General hospital, while others are walking down from the roundabout down to Sanda kyarimi Zoo in water.

Our Correspondent reported that This is the first heaviest rainfall in Maiduguri since the inception of the rainy season this year and it has taken over the road entirely as people cannot even differentiate the main road or Culverts and all one can see is water.

A stranded local who spoke to Northeast Star Magazine said that the problem occurs every year but not usually this worse, he further lamented that the Culvert available in the area are small to contain the level of water accumulated in the area during heavy rains, and even the small once available are filled up with waste and all sort of refuses which makes things worse as it blocked the water passage.

He urged the government to swing into actions and clear the Culverts around the area and appealed to people to stop dumping refuse in water ways especially Culverts as its has shown it negative impacts from the beginning of the rainfall this year.

“It’s understood that they are 3 main bridges around the area that could control the water overflow if the available culvert will be cleared and enhanced to properly channel water flow into the bridges of Brtv station through sanda kyarimi Zoo park and two other once behind zoo along with College of health and Moduganari bypass for effective water flow and controls.
It’s habitual for the local people to try every garbage into Culvert and some businessmen who are dumping refuse in the measure bridges which are all contributing to the current ugly scenario in the post office roundabout.
Some people can be seen dumping refuse at the time of rain in some places.

Further more the nature of the busy zone when it rains has made it unbearable for many keke riders to ply the road and convey people as the water is causing traffic hold up that one can easily spend 30 minute or more waiting to pass through, hence the difficulties of getting keke toward the Bulumkutu and Gomari Axis through post office.

Northeast Star Magazine gathered that some environmental workers have been engaged for the past month who are clearing the potholes and drainages in communities to ensure free flow of water and avert possible flood in different communities.

And there is a further need for awareness for people to know the implications of blocking drainages, dumping refuse under bridges and other factors that make communities prone to floods and water damages in the advent of heavy rains.

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