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Putin signs law raising military reservist age by 5 years


Putin signs law raising military reservist age by 5 years mom

Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed off on a law increasing the age limit for reservists.

The law is set to raise the maximum age limit for all ranks and categories by five years.

This is according to an announcement on the official portal of the Russian government on Monday.

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Soldiers, sailors and sergeants can now be called up for reserve service up to the age of 55.

The age limit for officers up to the rank of captain would now be 60, while higher officers would serve up to the age of 65.

Generals could  now be drafted up to the age of 70.

The decision came against the backdrop of Russia’s war against Ukraine which began 17 months ago.

During the partial mobilisation ordered by Putin last autumn, Russia officially drafted 300,000 reservists for the front.

The mobilisation shed light on serious flaws within the Russian military however, and many Russians evaded military service by fleeing abroad.

Moscow officially denied any intention to carry out another mobilisation but experts said that a new wave of conscription was likely in view of persistent problems at the front.

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