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Security: “Nation, peace-building is a collective responsibility – Dr Dikwa tasks Nigerians


Security: “Nation, peace-building is a collective responsibility – Dr Dikwa tasks Nigerians


The Founder and President of Al-Ansar Foundation, Dr Mohammad Kyari Dikwa have called on leaders and stakeholders in Nigeria to work for Peaceful co-existence.

According to him, peaceful co-existence and nation-building is the collective responsibility of every citizen. “More so, as leaders, it is our responsibility to bridge the gap and reduce the factors triggering mistrust, hatred and bigotry between different ethnic nationalities and religious adherents”.

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Dikwa stated this while speaking as chairman of the ongoing 3rd national summit of the Da’wah Coordination Council of Nigeria (DCCN).

He explained that the conference which was on “Peaceful Co-existence and Nation Building was a forum for stakeholders to pursue the best solutions in reducing challenges militating against peace in Nigeria”.

“The reason we are gathered here today is so sensitive, important and timely at this critical stage in our nation’s journey. Let me also mention that the choice of the theme for this conference is apt and relevant to the current challenges facing this country,” Dr Dikwa said.

He suggested that for peace to thrive in Nigeria, “the issues that border on human relations must be addressed both at the grassroots, state and federal levels. “We strongly believe we can live peacefully as people with different backgrounds, just like in many countries worldwide. The first step would be to promote interfaith peace”.

While commending DCCN for initiating the summit and working to ensure peace and harmony in Nigeria, Dr Dikwa said, “What is happening in Nigeria today leaves us in no doubt that there is an urgent need for the pursuance of lasting peace, security and mutual understanding”.

Dr Dikwa disclosed that “we, at Al-Ansar Foundation, are proud and delighted to be part of this summit. Permit me, therefore, to use this medium to appreciate the leadership of the DCCN and other stakeholders for setting the tone and pace for this year’s summit”.

He stated that the was necessary because “the absence of peace and security in any society impedes harmonious relationships and rapid economic transformation inevitable. I am convinced that the issue of peaceful co-existence and nation-building will be tackled”.

“It is important to know once again that Nigeria is multi-religious and multicultural in nature. This is not negotiable as we have found ourselves living with each other as disdained by the Almighty God.

Nigeria is such a diverse country with over 450 tribes and more than 200 million people, it is not shocking therefore that there are so many religious beliefs and sects among the people.

However, the truth remains that peace must be propagated especially when you consider that we are indeed serving the Almighty God, who wanted us to live without strife and hate.

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We must break the narrative that a certain sect of religion hates and wants to annihilate the others. We must visit them with our love and brotherly attitude at all times,” Dr Dikwa stated.

Security: “Nation, peace-building is a collective responsibility – Dr Dikwa tasks Nigerians

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