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She snatched my boyfriend, I waited 10 years to revenge — Lady confesses to killing friend


She snatched my boyfriend, I waited 10 years to revenge — Lady confesses to killing friend

By Jennifer S Kuwanta

Anita Ofili, a young woman, admitted to killing her friend Glory Okon, saying that she had been waiting for vengeance for ten years after stealing her lover.

A source states that Ofili claimed she attacked Glory at her flat in Greenville Estate, Ajah, Lagos State because she had stolen her partner ten years earlier.

Ofili’s one-room flat in the building made a distress call on Sunday, March 26, at 1:20 pm, which prompted other occupants to step in.

They opened the door and found Ofili using a kitchen knife to stab Okon in the neck. Sadly, Okon lost too much blood at Lagos Island General Hospital and died.

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One of the tenants of the building, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said;

“The landlord’s daughter was the one that heard the scream. She peeped through the window and saw a masked person stabbing a lady. She rushed and called her father, who alerted other tenants that forced the door open, only to discover that the masked person was Anita Ofili.

The space was drenched in blood. The victim was still breathing, we found. To keep Ofili from running away, we had to tie her hands and legs together. Before the Police arrived, Ofili didn’t exhibit any signs of regret.

She promised to tell the police what occurred. She stated that the woman in question was a friend and that what she did was retaliation for what her friend had done to her.

According to accounts, the suspect and the dead studied at the same institution or university and had been close friends for almost 20 years.

They drifted apart for ten years, until they reconciled two weeks ago, over an argument about boyfriend stealing.

“Glory and I had been good friends for years, but she betrayed that friendship by snatching my boyfriend,” Ofili stated.

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