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Spokesman: Abubakar will declare emergency in Bauchi’s educational system


Spokesman: Abubakar will declare emergency in Bauchi’s educational system

Mr. Sabo Mohammed, spokesman for the All Progressives Congress (APC) campaign council in Bauchi State, retired air marshal Sadique Abubakar, the party’s candidate for governor, would declare an emergency in education if elected.
He stated this in an interview on Wednesday in Bauchi.

If elected in the upcoming general election, the candidate, according to Mohammed, would replicate the measure in the areas of youth, women, and health empowerment.

He claimed that if given the go-ahead, Abubakar would collaborate with academics and other experts to revitalise the educational field.

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He claims that the state’s Ministry of Higher Education and senior school management board will be established by the APC administration.

“Abubakar promised to set up a committee to review the deboarding of public schools by the PDP administration in the state.

“It will also look into the issue to improve the feeding of boarding students because the PDP government is running away from its responsibility of feeding the students.”

By ensuring adequate funding for the institution, he added, the APC administration would also take action to address the problems impeding the effective development of the Bauchi State University, Gadau.

Regarding unemployment, Mohamed claimed that the APC’s candidate for governor made a commitment to review the restrictions on employment in order to give young people access to jobs.

Therefore, in order to bring about positive change in the state, he urged the electorate to vote for APC candidates at all levels.

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