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Taraba: Mumuye tribe urge Gov. Ishaku to sack SSG


Taraba: Mumuye tribe threaten to protest if Gov. Ishaku refused to sack SSG

A group of Some Mummuye tribe from Zing, Yoro and Ardo-Kola local government areas of Taraba state on Sunday appealed to Governor Darius Ishaku as a matter of urgency to replace the Secretary to State Government, Hon. Anthony Jallason with someone from the area that can help them.

Mr Monkey Bitako from zing, a local government where the SSG hails who spoke to journalists on behalf of the group during a meeting held in Yorro, lamented that the SSG for long has been poisoning the mind of the governor against the​ Mumuye tribe.

He said the Mumuye nation demand that the bad egg is thrown out of the Rescue Mission Group and be replaced urgently as the Mumuye knows that Governor Ishaku is a Pastor,​ born with a silver spoon and​ loves them.

He said the call for the urgency sack of the Secretary to the State Government, Mr Anthony Jallason become imperative if Governor Ishaku wants their support comes 2023.

“The SSG does not have his people at heart, he is only interested in his personal family​ and pocket and the Governor appointed him to represent us since 2015, but revised is the case.

“As I speak with you, no Mumuye man​ can beat his or her chest to claim that this is what the SSG has influenced nor brought for his people” Bitako expressed worried.

He maintained​ that if governor Ishaku refused to remove the SSG, the people would have no option than to go on peaceful protest.

“We are all against him because of his greediness, if he continues to remain as the SSG, no government presence would be found in Mumuye land, we are tired of​ his selfish desires.

“If Governor Darius really​ wants​ to help us, let him give audience to our cry and remove the present SSG and appoint someone from Mumuye​ community that knows the plight of the people and has an open-door policy that can as well​ accommodate us” he noted.

According to him, the SSG has been in government right from the then North-Eastern state up to the Defunct Gongola, noting that he has done his best, but the best is no longer enough to contribute positively to the growth of the administration of Governor Ishaku.

He alleged that the SSG, Hon. Anthony Jallason has been a bundle of confusion, and malice in Ishaku’s administration and he is advising the governor willfully against the Mumuye nation.

Commenting on the matter, the Secretary to the Taraba state government, Hon. Anthony Jallason said he will be the happiest person if Governor will remove him as SSG.

He explained that if the Mummuye tribe alleged that he is not representing them well, they can be asked the governor to appoint someone who can represent them, adding that after their first tenure in 2019, he told the governor that he has had his own share but Ishaku insisted that he should remain.

“I told him I am not feeling too well and need to rest, but the governor insisted that I should remain and that is why I am still in this government ” Hon. Jallason maintained.

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