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“The first step to ‘Becoming Intentional’ is being honest with yourself” – Truth Egbe


“The first step to ‘Becoming Intentional’ is being honest with yourself” — Truth Egbe

By Jennifer S Kuwanta

The author of the book, ‘Becoming Intentional’, Truth Osumareton Egbe has said that the first step towards becoming intentional is honesty with oneself in other to get to where one desires.

Egbe stated this in an exclusive interview with Ournigerianews Magazine on Friday in Abuja.

Urging Nigerians to be honest with themselves, the author said, “Telling yourself where you want to get to and being honest enough to say where you are right now is important so that you’ll know the gap between where you are now and where you want to get to.”

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Egbe noted that she wrote the book a year ago, as a 25th birthday present to herself for the purpose of immortalizing her thoughts, saying, “With books and songs, you can have something that can outlive you.

“Human life is long yet still very short, so I know that it is an extension of myself that’s going to be alive when I’m not.”

The author said the book ‘Becoming Intentional’ is a self-help book one can use to guide conversations with oneself about different things, adding that she wrote it when she was going through a very difficult time and had just found direction.

In her words, “Usually when things work out, we don’t stop to ask why it worked”. So she asked herself why it worked and outlined the processes so that someone else can ask himself that and control that difficult period in their lives.

Egbe noted that contrary to the belief that a book helps one to know the author better, her book ‘Becoming Intentional’ helps one to know one better.

The author encouraged those who are navigating through life and trying to find balance or make progress to set simple goals that aren’t overwhelming but break the goals into small bits.

In her words, “Be honest with yourself, know where you are and don’t set goals that look like someone else’s goals.

“Your goals should be very personal to you. You should be able to see your goals as something you can achieve. Be as persistent as you can.”

She dedicated the book to great people that are at certain points in their lives when they don’t feel like greatness is within them.

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