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Weakness in security architecture may worsen current insecurity, Youth parliament warns


Weakness in security architecture may worsen current insecurity, Youth parliament warns

Speaker, Nigerian Youth Parliament, Mubarak Mijinyawa, has warned that many youths were of the belief that the Nigerian security forces had been defeated almost completely by insurgents, hence, their weakness in protecting the lives and property of Nigerians.

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According to him, many youths have already begun to loose hope in the country and are making nasty decisions of getting involved into kidnapping and abduction, human trafficking, banditry and other social vices due to continuous hunger and suffering of many Nigerians.

In a statement made available to our correspondent in Gombe, Mijinyawa warned that unless urgent and drastic measures were taken to address the rising wave of insecurity in the country, a second wave of #ENDSARS protests against insecurity may also be on the way.

He said, “the issue around insecurity, poor health care, youth restiveness and ethnic bigotry has been the causes of all local and national demonstrations, riots and protests depending on the region where these are happening”.

He added that, ” it has been revealed that failures of Government on some of the aforementioned are the main reasons that triggered Youths in some parts of the country like Lagos and Abuja to protest the recent #ENDSARS protests that caused serious tension in the country which in turn led to increased regional bigotry between the ethnic groups in the regions of the country”.

Speaking on the removal of fuel subsidy, the Speaker of the Youths Parliament said it is an action that has been long awaited.

He said while the President and his cabinet are working tirelessly to mobilize resources and secure a better post pandemic Nigeria, some enemies of the State are using innocent and ignorant populace to kick against #fuel subsidy removal as proposed by the NNPC group.

According to him, fuel subsidy has been a major setback to the growth of Nigeria being a country suffering from poor or bad leadership in the past.

He said, “Imagine having just 11.8 million cars (according to NBS) in a capitalist country like Nigeria with an estimated population of about 200 million people, the common man’s need for cheaper fuel is negligible.

” The common man should understand that removal of fuel subsidy will do more good than harm to him who owns one car in his house. So also the poor man who has no any fuel consuming vehicle at all,” he stressed.

Weakness in security architecture may worsen current insecurity, Youth parliament warns

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