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FUSION 774 supports Oil Subsidy removal


FUSION 774 supports Oil Subsidy removal

An Economic Advocacy and political support group, FUSION 774 NIGERIA has supported the removal of oil subsidy by the present administration of His Excellency Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

In a press statement issued by the leadership of the group, the Director General, Comrade Sadiq Jikta alluded that there is no better time to fully implement the subsidy removal than now that the Nigeria economy is in a bad shape, stressing that the so call cabal perpetrating this corrupt acts have to be totally disengaged so that our economy will be revived and there will be enough funds to boost and develope the economy.

He said many people do not understand the politics behind fuel subsidy and it’s dangers to the development and growth of Nigeria.

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The good intentions of Government to subsidies petrol was simply to make the product affordable for Nigerians and make life easier but it is no longer sustainable as a result of the outright abuse of the subsidy policy whereby through the marketers falsification of our daily consumption figures, huge amount of money are paid into their pockets, monies that can be channeled to other meaningful ventures such as Education, Health, Agriculture, Social security, technology etc.

The Group also asserted that they throw their weight behind the statement issued recently by the Vice president, His Excellency Kashim Shettima on the need for Nigerians to corporate and support Mr President on the removal of oil subsidy and to break the barrier of the cabals behind the subsidy scam.

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