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Gombe 2023 Politics and MJ Barde’s political campaign logic of lies, deceit



Gombe 2023 Politics and MJ Barde’s political campaign logic of lies, deceit

By Suleiman Arzoo

It is obvious that whenever an ambitious political aspirant lacks political antecedents or policy framework direction to woo electorate votes, he eventually resorts to chasing ghosts through criticism, lamentations and baseless allegations against the opposition occupying the targeted seat.

So is the scenario in the case of the Gombe PDP Gubernatorial candidate in the 2023 general elections, M.J Barde, who after realizing that he has nothing in the kitty for the Gombe people resorted to a campaign strategy of planting hatred in the minds of the electorate against his opposition through his political logic of lies and deceit.

The political campaign strategy of lies and deceit he deployed tells how he undermines the psyche of the Gombe people because political campaigns across the world revolve around unbundling sound policies and aspirant nurses for the electorate not spending huge sums of money in media space hyping unsubstantiated allegations against the opposition.

His first move was gallivanting across some Television network Stations to project the Gombe State system of governance in bad light through a series of allegations around infrastructural decay in the health and education system poor economic policies and huge debt accumulation.

His move failed to a nightmare after a prompt response by some government officials who countered the allegations one after the other to change the narrative from his blatant lies.

The leadership drunk dude was unrelenting in his current move, he proceeded to reactivate the campaign office he acquired through a falsification of information of one “Gombe leadership for good governance” which he later claimed to have been gifted to MJ Barde campaign Organization by the registered client of “Gombe leadership for good governance” thinking that he is wiser.

It was a deliberate move just to provoke constitutional authorities knowing fully that the move violated the registration agreed conditions with the urban development board which eventually resulted in the demolition of the temporary structures.

Upon the demolition of the site, he quickly stages managed press briefing at the demolished site and dolled out a huge amount to facilitate the news in the Media just to generate public sympathy and to portray the government in a bad light but a swift response by the urban development board authorities in a similar media briefing thwarted his plan.

Here comes the desperate fellow now jumped to allegedly accusing the Gombe State government of expending about 7 billion nairas on the construction of the ongoing government House perimeter fence.

Unexpected rebuttal and shocker revelations from the side of the government disclosed the perimeter fence project status to the general public for clarification at the cost of fewer than 500 Million nairas. Another swift response that killed his move of painting Inuwa Yahaya led administration black.

Desperate MJ Barde should know that his political campaign strategy of lies and deceit are now glaring to any discerning mind regardless of the political Party in Gombe State as such Gombe people will not be compromised on what they have not bargained for through these his political campaign logic of lies and deceit.

He should have first focused his attention by putting his disintegrated house into order by seeking forgiveness and reuniting with the aggrieved Gombe PDP party stakeholders across the State whom he earlier vowed not to forgive and vice versa instead of channelling his energy into concocting baseless allegations against Governor Inuwa Yahaya led administration.

The desperate PDP politician needs to know that in Nigerian politics you cannot just win the heart of a common Man or generate public sympathy through such corny moves because the “Gombawa” whose psyche he undermines are wiser to differentiate their left from their right.

In the history of Gombe Politics, Inuwa Yahaya is the only Gombe based Politician to have won the gubernatorial seat and he is in touch with the 114 wards across the State which is why he was able to capture their respective priorities in his 2019 manifesto and is gradually addressing them as proved in his 3-year administration scorecard.

MJ Barde, as an Abuja based Politician who only comes to Gombe during the political season of four years, should have channelled his energy into a familiarization tour first across the nooks and crannies of Gombe, develop a need assessment strategy to factor in his campaign manifesto ahead of the 2023 general elections instead but it is ridiculous that someone who lost touch with Gombe State Community since 1991 is now the one trying to tell electorate in the hinterland their priorities.

A blame game is allowed in a game of politics but certainly after telling the electorate what he has for the State in a very convincing manner to justify his cause for leadership struggle and why he feels he should be given the mandate to prove his worth.

MJ Barde should Leave Governor Inuwa Yahaya and his administration alone and consult with the Gombe State electorate by telling them his Blueprint.

Lastly, MJ Barde and his other Political party cohorts should know that the Gombe Government House is not a personal property of Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya but rather a public property that every Son and Daughter of Gombe can be occupant some day therefore a reconstruction of the White House in the state by the present administration is to maintain and improve the architectural standards of the facility like every other Government House in Nigeria.

One thing you cannot take away from Governor Inuwa Yahaya is his prudence and financial uprightness, therefore as a professional accountant of pedigree, his Successor can investigate his administration anytime he leaves office but putting a Cart before the horse to investigate his administration while he is serving is uncalled for.

It is sad and info unfortunate for one to attain gubernatorial candidate status yet to be spitting out sensational information without credible sources just to score political goals.

Campaign of lies and deceit have no space in Gombe, just tell Gombawa what you have on the table and let them opt for the right choice come 2023.

Arzoo Gombe writes from Gombe

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