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How lack of proper parenting contributes to the growth of Yahoo Yahoo


How lack of proper parenting contributes to the growth of Yahoo Yahoo

By Halima Abdulkadiri

Lack of parental advice and the growth of “Yahoo Yahoo” are two separate issues that can have overlapping effects on individuals and society.

Parental advice plays a crucial role in shaping a child’s values, ethics, and decision-making abilities. When parents fail to provide guidance or are absent from their children’s lives, it can lead to various negative outcomes.

However, aside from all these underlying factors, some parents played a big role in this decadence. Some parents mount unnecessary pressure on their children to provide financial aid for them immediately they graduate or come of age. If the child is not meeting up, they frustrate them by making rude remarks and comparing them to their successful counterparts. This can maim the mentality of the child towards financial success.

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Also,some parents do not care about the activities of their children. They don’t care who they are moving with or what they are up to . Being carefree about your childrens activities can expose them to all levels of unfathomable crimes that include : “Yahoo Yahoo.” When the child starts acting in an untoward manner, they don’t even notice.

Some potential consequences like the lack of moral values and principles in children. Without this guidance, they may struggle to differentiate between right and wrong, leading to unethical behaviour or questionable choices.

In other words, parental advice helps children develop critical thinking skills and make informed decisions. Without this guidance, they may be more prone to impulsive actions or susceptible to negative peer influences.

For instance, “Yahoo Yahoo” is a term commonly used in Nigeria to describe fraudulent activities conducted online, particularly involving advanced fee fraud or scamming. It has gained notoriety due to the involvement of some Nigerian individuals in cybercrime.

The nefarious ‘hustle’ has now become a household practice that even mothers now encourage their children to pick up the unholy trade. It will be a fallacy for anyone in present Nigeria to say he does not know one Yahoo boy or another.

They are everywhere: streets, schools, offices, communities, anywhere one can think of.
It has also become worrisome that teenagers in secondary schools are being engaged daily in this criminal venture. All thanks to their unconcerned parents, we can conclude.

In 2019, the Operatives of the special task force, Uyo Zonal Office, of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, have arrested eleven suspected internet fraudsters, (Teenagers) in an apartment on Parliamentary Extension, Akai Efa, Calabar, the Cross River State capital.

Recently, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) on Tuesday arrested six suspected internet fraudsters.

Even though economic factors can be attributed to the growth of this phenomenon. High unemployment rates, limited job opportunities, and economic disparities can push individuals towards illicit activities in search of financial gain.
However, it is important to note that the rapid growth of the internet and the increasing accessibility of online platforms have provided new avenues for cybercriminals to exploit unsuspecting victims.

Insufficient education and awareness about online scams, as well as limited regulatory measures, can make it easier for fraudsters to operate without significant consequences.

In some cases, individuals may engage in cybercrime due to societal pressure, a desire for material possessions, or a perceived lack of viable alternatives.

It is important to note that the growth of “Yahoo Yahoo” does not solely depend on the lack of parental advice.

While parental guidance can play a role in preventing individuals from engaging in fraudulent activities, addressing the broader societal, economic, and regulatory factors is crucial to effectively combat cybercrime.

Promoting education, increasing job opportunities, enhancing internet security, and implementing strict legal measures are some of the strategies that can be employed to mitigate the growth of cybercrime.

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