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Improving Minds with Collins Mbakwe


Improving Minds with Collins Mbakwe


it’s very nice for us to love and respect our parents, but to be a feeding bottle man is bad. And if I were to be a woman, I would quickly keep my distance from such a man. Below are some of the characteristics and infamous statements from FEEDING BOTTLE MEN:

1. They are permanently tied to their mother’s apron string.

2. They are always plunged into indecision.

3 Their parents always largely influence their decisions regarding who to marry and most regrettably, in their marriage.

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4. They hardly stand on their words and have no mind of their own. It’s always: “my mother/ father said I will not marry outside our state, village” or, “my mother/ father said it is a woman that should always cook and wash for their husbands”, and all whatnot.

Not everyone is fit for marriage. A man may be comfortable financially and may be nice in the AZA ROOM and yet he isn’t a man. It is about time women look inwardly to properly understand the personality of the man they intend to marry.

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