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Ivanna Bayy drops her two cents on why Burna Boy has no kids

Ivanna Bayy drops her two cents on why Burna Boy has no kids

By Jennifer S. Kuwanta

Davido’s  French side chick, Ivanna Bay has shared the alleged reason ace singer, Burna Boy, has no children till date.

According to the lady who earlier claimed to be pregnant for Davido, she heard rumours about the singer’s sexuality which she believes is true.

“I think Burna Boy is gyy. I heard some rumours about him and I think it’s true. For me he’s one of the biggest artiste without babymama, children and no history with women. So that’s kind of weird”, she said.

This is coming shortly after she updated Nigerians on the progress of her said pregnancy for Davido.

The French Lady had earlier taken to Instagram to render an outcry about bleeding and stated that she would go to the emergency unit for medical attention.

In a mind blogging update, the Francophone model noted that her body is failing and she isn’t sure if she will be able to carry the pregnancy.

Ivanna wrote; “They told me that I am either having an ectopic pregnancy or a miscarriage.”

The singer’s alleged US side chic Anita Brown, in a post, revealed that Ivanna is no longer carrying Davido’s baby

According to Anita, in response to her post, Ivanna Bay got rid of the baby as the singer put her in the public eye on purpose.

Anita’s comment on her post read:

“The lady in Paris had a miscarriage yeah ok. She was pregnant and had an aboortion! David put her out there on purpose smh. Please stop”.

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