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Yobe private hospital conducts first laparoscopic surgery



The Ayaji Medical and Diagnostic Centre, a private hospital in Gashua, Yobe, has conducted the first laparoscopic surgery in the state.

It was reported that laparoscopy is a state-of-the-art surgical procedure that is done by inserting instruments into small incisions on the abdominal wall.

The Managing Director of the medical centre, Dr Adamu Amshi, told newsmen in Gashua on Wednesday that he led the operation to correct uterine prolapse caused by weak pelvic muscles and ligaments supporting the uterus.

He explained that “the surgery, known as sacrohysteropexy, involves resuspension of the prolapsed uterus using a strip of synthetic mesh to lift the uterus and hold it in place to allow normal sexual intercourse and preserve childbearing function.

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“The operation was performed using laparoscopic magnification with superior screen visualisation of the anatomy.”

Unlike the traditional open surgery, Amshi said, laparoscopy is minimally invasive in that it is conducted through smaller incisions; it decreases hospital stay, reduces blood loss and post-operative pain, guarantees accuracy and rapid recovery.

The managing director, who is an Indian trained-obstetrics gynaecologist, said it took his team four hours to complete the operation conducted on a 30-year-old woman from Bursari Local Government Area of the state.

He, however, said that the treated patient had been told that she could only deliver a baby through Caesarean Section (CS).

Amshi listed the risk factors of uterine prolapse to include multiple vaginal births, aging, obesity, delivery of large baby, chronic cough and being postmenopausal.

The managing director commended his team’s members, Dr Dahiru Tilde, an anaesthetist, and two nurses, Muhammad Kazir and Ahmad Ligali, for their roles in the successful operation.

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