2023: North East advocates for violence-free elections, cooperation with security agencies

2023: North East advocates for violence-free elections, cooperation with security agencies

By Ahmed Ahmed

Stakeholders of North East Region have advocated for cooperation with security agencies to correct all anomalies and ensure peace and violence-free election in the country.

The stakeholders are representatives of Borno Bauchi, Gombe, Yobe, Adamawa and Taraba.

Other stakeholders were Security agencies, paramilitary, religious and traditional leaders Government officials Civil Society Organisations among others.

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This is contained in a 15-point communique issued and signed by the Communique Drafting Committee.

Chairman Mr Nathaniel Negedu and Mr Abdul Burra -Secretary at the end of one day workshop on a violence-free election in Nigeria for Northeast made this known, on Friday in Bauchi.

The Workshop was organised by the Bauchi office of the African Union Development Agency-New Partnership for African Development (AUDA-NEPAD).

The communique agrees that elections shall be peaceful and violence-free, urging stakeholders to cooperate with security agencies to correct all anomalies and ensure peace.

“It reminded politicians and candidates vying for political positions from all political parties to know that victory comes from God.

“What peace does not give you no amount of violence will give you. Acts of Violence occurred as a result of acts that provoke, people.

“Thus they should avoid political thuggery during campaigns, during the election and governance,” it said.

The communique appeals to stakeholders and the government to avoid any policy that will trigger violence.

The Communique further warned against hate speeches by politicians which mostly trigger violence, violence is not a solution to any problem.

The stakeholders kick against vote buying, saying it undermines the democratic process by distorting the true will of the people.

“If you create a culture of corruption that can be difficult to eradicate, an unfair advantage to candidates, inequality and lack of trust in the electoral processes which can lead to widespread disillusionment with democracy.

“It will be difficult. We have a responsibility to ensure free and fair elections. Fight against vote buying, and report any vote buying to security agencies.

“Shun violence, election is not a war. Not every contestant will win or lose. We should warn our families against engaging in any violence during the election.

The communique admonishes that steps should be taken to prevent and punish any form of electoral fraud to ensure that elections are free, fair and truly represent the will of the people.

The communique, however, urges the electorate to ensure that the forthcoming election is conducted in a peaceful atmosphere, saying the place of peace in our country cannot be overemphasized.