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2023 Orlu Senatorial Seat: What Did Izunaso do for us During His Stint as Senator 2007-2011?


2023 Orlu Senatorial Seat: What Did Izunaso do for us During His Stint as Senator 2007-2011?

By Hon. Kingsley Mbakwe

With the 2023 general elections around the corner, we cannot but shudder in indignation seeing a man such as Senator Osita Izunaso dishing out barefaced lies to the people of Orlu zone that he used, failed, neglected and insulted years ago. It amuses me how Osita Izunaso who, during his time as Senator representing Imo West Districts, narrowly escaped being recalled for being a total failure, would be going about, preening for recognition, 12 years after making caricature of us.

We cannot forget in hurry how Izunaso was running helter-skelter, whinning and gasping for breath before an Abuja court, praying it to restrain the Imo State’s Resident Electoral Commissioner from conducting a referendum giving effect to the petition to recall him from the Senate. We cannot forget his monumental underwhelming performance throughout those four years.

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We cannot also forget that till date, Izunaso cannot boast of youths of Orlu zone he has empowered throughout his years as member representing his Oguta/Ohaji-Egbema Oru West constituency at the Federal House of Representatives between 2003-2007. Izunaso cannot point to a single project he did for the people of Orlu Zone during his infamous stint at the Senate, between 2007-2011.

It is clear for all eyes to see that Senator Osita B Izunaso used the entire eight years at the House of Representatives and the four years at the Senate, enriching his pocket to the detriment of the people he claimed to have represented.

Justice Okon Abang of the Federal High Court Abuja was right when he said that Izunaso ought to have been remanded in prison for putting up an attitude before the court which could best be described as “rascality of the highest order”. That sums up the unexemplary personality of Izunaso.

If only Izunaso understands that his infamous continual show of rascality, callousness and insensitivity to the plights of Ndi-Orlu all these years, is still fresh in their minds, he wouldn’t have been having the courage to face Orlu people again, asking for their mandate.

In everywhere in the world, the saying, “one good turn deserves another” is valid. The support given to Izunaso by the unsuspecting good people of Orlu zone in 2007 have gone down in the anals of Orlu zone, as politically, four wasted years to forget, and as such, he cannot be trusted again.

Alas! Twelve years after that infamous stint, Izunaso is here once again, making fruitless attempts to pull wool over our eyes. For his guts, it’s either that he thinks Ndi-Orlu have lost their memories or that he (Izunaso) like the proverbial man fated to be killed by the gods, has been made mad.

If not either of the two above reasons, tell me why and how Izunaso could have the courage to get into political race with a man of high intellect and probity – a man of high capacity and outstanding credibility who has the soft touch of compassion, such as Chief Charles Ahize.

Our people say that we get to know the taste of a faeces from the smell of a fart. Chief Charles Ahize, despite not having held any elected political position, has time and time again, proven himself as an illustrious son of Orlu zone, who truly has our interest and collective good at heart. For a man who has used his wealth to empower the youths, and put smiles on the faces of widows, and indigent people, the only thing we owe him is our thanks and unalloyed support for effective representation at the Senate in the 2023 Senatorial elections.

Charles Ahize, troubled by how impassable certain key roads have become across the 12 LGAs, took it upon himself to grade the majority of them to make both vehicular movements and pedestrians easily possible.

It is therefore, not a surprise that all the Orlu stakeholders – the movers and shakers and the youths, have endorsed him as their choice for Imo West Districts 2023 elections. Orlu people are wise and cannot be deceived twice, hence, the saying, “once bitten, twice shy.”

In all honesty, Izunaso has lost the right to appeal or canvass for votes from the same people he used, neglected, and dumped. It is not a happenstance, that every progressive-minded Orlu citizen has declared unflinching support for Charles Ahize, the man with a touch of compassion.

Like the proverbial stubborn goat that died on its tether, Izunaso has stubbornly refused to hearken to the handwriting on the wall, heralding his imminent political waterloo.

Ndi-Orlu Ibem, as Izunaso continues to poke fun on us despite woefully failing us during his infamous stint at the Senate, and despite all the ominous signs of his imminent political death, let us ask him this important question any time he comes around to blabber and blubber. WHAT AND WHAT DID YOU DO FOR US WHEN WE GAVE YOU MANDATE TO REPRESENT US AT THE SENATE IN 2007?

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