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2023 Presidential Election: Proposed Muslim-Muslim for Tinubu, a Wake-up Call for Christians


2023 Presidential Election: Proposed Muslim-Muslim for Tinubu, a Wake-up Call for Christians

By Collins Mbakwe

Since Ahmed Tinubu emerged as the All Progressives Congress APC presidential flag bearer, there have been several calls for a Muslim-Muslim political formation for Tinubu, who is a Muslim from the Southwest. While some of those calls came after a painstaking study of the prevailing possible political permutations by those individuals, some others who made the calls were driven by self-centeredness and a lack of regard for their Christian counterparts.

Some of the proponents of the Muslim-Muslim political formation for APC have cited several otiose instances or references to back up their claim. These proponents whose real intentions are often latent have failed to realize that it is unprogressive to relegate justice and equity to the background in choosing the nation’s leaders.

Granted that choosing a Christian or Muslim for a running mate is not enshrined in the country’s constitution, social justice requires such consideration.

Several Muslim preachers and others have promised to rally Muslims to vote against Tinubu and the APC in the upcoming presidential election if he picks a Christian as running mate.

In a video that went viral, Sheikh Ibrahim Aliyu Kaduna accused northern governors of sacrificing the fate of northern Muslims for the money of a sick candidate.

He continued, “Northern governors, particularly the Muslims among you, are deceitful because you’ve sold our fate, and God will punish you for it.”

“You disregarded a crucial Islamic requirement, as the first condition for selecting an Islamic leader is that he or she be well and physically strong.”

“Your second mistake will be pairing him (Tinubu) with a Christian from our region.” “This would be devastating, as we would mobilize the electorate to reject the candidate at the polls,” he added.

Similarly, a radical Muslim who identified himself as Aminu Jetaun warned Tinubu against selecting a northern Christian as his running mate after congratulating him on being the APC presidential candidate.

He stated, “Tinubu, do not choose a Christian as your running mate, as we have yet to fully believe your version of Islam.”

Since Tinubu was elected the APC’s presidential candidate, this matter has been a prominent topic of discussion. It has dominated lectures at numerous mosques in Yola, the state capital of Adamawa.

It was reported that certain clerics have been encouraging their congregations and other Muslim believers to reject the APC if Tinubu is paired with a Christian from the region.

This occurs as Christian leaders in the region mobilize against a Muslim-Muslim ticket for the presidency.

Earlier on Tuesday, it was claimed that the ruling APC may force a Muslim-Muslim ticket on Nigerians, as Tinubu’s team narrows in on Kashim Shettima, the former governor of Borno, to be his running mate.

This worrisome situation of attempting to impose a Muslim-Muslim formation on Nigerians, maybe a wake-up call on Christians, who are numerical, and stronger than their Muslim counterpart. And if that happens, the real essence of politics and governance may be bastardized, as Nigerians would only vote with so many religious sentiments.

According to Kelly Hassino, “If Muslims wake Christians up to begin to participate actively in politics as Muslims do, Christians may begin to dominate top political positions.”

He enumerated: that Living Faith Church has around 5 million members. Redeemed Christian Church has around 10 million members. Christ Embassy may have around 3 million members. The entire Catholic church and Anglican combined have around 30 million members.

The Lord’s chosen may have around 1 million members. The rest of the Pentecostal churches may have members of over 10 million combined.

The Christian Association of Nigeria CAN which comprises all the churches, if it wills, can easily mobilize 60 million voters towards voting not just the only Christian, but the youngest and most qualified and brilliant Christian in the race Peter Obi and deliver Nigeria to the promised land.

All the Pastors have the hearts and ears of their members and their members will vote for anyone they decide.

Even if you minus the number of ineligible voters, such as underage or those who aren’t just predisposed to the trouble of registering, collecting PVC, and turning up at the polling unit, you can still round up half that figure which is 30 million people to vote Peter Obi of the Labour Party.
Buhari “won” the 2015 and 2019 elections with far less than 30 million voters.”

I studied the analysis carefully and came up with the conclusion that it will be nice for those concerned with influencing political decisions in the country, to be wary of any religious, divisive decisions.

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