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2023: Tambuwal campaign organization urges delegates to vote with conscience 



2023: Tambuwal campaign organization urges delegates to vote with conscience 

By Ahmed AHMED

Barely two days to the  Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Primary election for the Presidency scheduled 28 and 29 May 2022 Tambuwal Campaign Organization (TCO) has appealed to delegates to vote with their conscience.

This is contained in a statement signed by Prince Daniel, Spokesperson of Governor Aminu Tambuwal, Presidential aspirant under PDP, known as Tambuwal Campaign Organisation, made available to Journalists on Thursday in Bauchi.

The statement appealed passionately  to party faithful and delegates nationwide to take advantage of this opportunity to right all the wrongs and vote with conscience, adding that we can’t afford to get it wrong this time.

“I plead with us to vote with nobility remembering that we have no other country than Nigeria and we are all in this ship together.

“It is important to note; the choice you make at the primaries will determine if the ship successfully sails to shore or sinks in the deep seas.

“Nigeria’s fate is pinned on you to present a credible and detribalized candidate. We are counting on your patriotism to vote right and ensure your votes count,” it said.

According to the statement, with our aggravated challenges, bringing our country back from the brink is an economic, moral, political and social imperative.

“Nigeria is at a crossroad and needs to take effective decisions on its next political and governance steps and we believe that Mutawallen Sokoto Aminu Tambuwal is capable of delivering,” it said.

The campaign organization charged the 811 delegates to vote right and ensure their votes count.

“The PDP requires a candidate that is indisputably fit, acceptable and someone with the right temperament to handle Nigeria’s diversity.

TCO explained that the political trend took a new dimension recently with the overwhelming number of candidates vying for the presidential seat under the PDP and other political parties.

He acknowledged that, though a large number of political gladiators in the presidential race may be unprecedented and could be overwhelming for delegates across board,

“Ihe wheat can be separated from the chaff by the assessment of their evidence-based track record and undefiled antecedent as well as the will power to act.

“WE are living witnesses to the daunting challenges facing our nation. It is needless to start mentioning them because Nigerians are wearing the shoe and they know where it pinches.

“Also, the solutions to these challenges are well known and some are even documented in blueprints of various Ministries, Departments and (MDAs) of government at all levels. The only missing link is the political will to act,” the statement said.

According to the statement “Another campaign cycle is upon us, the PDP, having lost two consecutive presidential elections in the last seven years, now has another opportunity to elect a qualified candidate.

The Organization said Tambuwal over the years has garnered the required experience needed to tackle Nigeria’s problems.

“Tambuwal administration initiated automation of Internally Generated Revenue IGR, paving the way for no-cash policy and blocking loopholes.

“He also edged out ghost workers through his Payroll Harmonization and Modernization initiative.

“These feats could also be expanded to rescue the current sinking economy of Nigeria from total collapse, if the symbol of good governance (Tambuwal) is given the opportunity,” TCO explained.

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