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A Name That Causes Earthquake


A Name That Causes Earthquake

Actions they say speak louder than voice, let your actions do the talking. When we talk of grass-root what comes to mind is a politically determined, focused and selfless individual ready to sacrifice himself for his people. The great people of Bama have produced a truly unique individual who has done more than enough for them. His impact is felt across all nooks and crannies of the LGA and the state at large. The individual who stood firm even when all odds were against him, a man too loyal to his people and his beliefs, a man even his principles are scared to fail him.

A man who rolls with gladiators on the political battlefield, a champion and masters strategies. He is a record-setter and a record-breaker, who has paved the way for politics even in the state with different political strategies the gladiators are afraid of.

His name rings loud and causes panic in the heads of unjust and shady persons while it brings joy and peace to the purest of souls, a name too solid to be shaken, a name better pronounced as Hon. Babagana Ajari and fondly called Bana Ajari AKA “Allah Ya Maimata”. A true breed of Bama indigene who knows his people better than himself.

Hon. Ajari has served his people from 2003 till date, he was an appointed caretaker chairman more than 4 times and was elected chairman from 2004-2005 alongside the former governor of Borno State Sen. Dr. Ali Modu Sheriff. During his tenure, he restructured the administrative system of governance in Bama.

Hon. Ajari changed the level playing ground by empowering more youths than any administration has done in Bama. He understood the need to work with young people to achieve the greater objective and also serves as their mentor for better and smooth governance.

Hon. Ajari was appointed as Special Adviser to the Governor on Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs because of his experience and his desire to serve the people under Sen. Ali Sheriff. He was also appointed Special Adviser under the Kashim Shettima led Administration.

Hon. Ajari during his tenure employed more women and youth into the Local government structure than any government has seen in the history of Borno state. He was claimed to be the only chairman that distributed over 100 cars to his people. He gave almost all students of the Local Government scholarships, distributed fertilizer to farmers, leased out tractors and farm equipment to farmers for free. The list goes on and on. what more can the common man wish for?

A man who has served his LGA, his state and his party with an outstanding performance. He is currently the Borno State Coordinator of the National Committee of Buhari Support Group.

With these qualities of leadership style and selflessness to his people, the concerned youths of Bama, Ngala and Kala Balge LGAs want a better representation at the National Assembly for a greener and prosperous LGA for their people.

 Allah ya Maimata!

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