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Bauchi PDP elders shun SSG office


Bauchi PDP elders shun SSG office


By Ahmed Ahmed


Elders in the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in Bauchi state have said that they have resolved to shun the Office of Secretary to the State Government, Barrister Ibrahim Mohammed Kashim to save their integrity.

The former speaker in the State House of Assembly and reputable politician, Rt. Hon. Bappa Haruna Disina told the press in Bauchi on Monday, that most of the PDP stakeholders in the state have an unpleasant relationship with the SSG for what they termed as his pomposity and disregard to party henchmen, ‘Saving our prestige and dignity in the scheme of things is better.

According to the PDP Elders, their continued desire with the office of State SSG would erode their self-esteem in the good-looking eyes of the public, hence they have collectively decided to henceforth call a spade a spade.

Hon. Bappa Disina, also a former political advisor to Governor Bala Mohammed described SSG Kashim as an amateur in the political arena, hence he could not know the value of PDP elders, especially in the game of partisan politics.

“Politics in Nigeria today is entirely different from that of the yesteryears such as was practised in the second republic where adherence to the implementation of party manifestos is the key word, unlike now that money is the influencing factor.

“So if you have a stingy political appointee, the story would entirely be different”.Disina, therefore, reminded those holding appointive political offices to take into cognizance that the country is now heading towards general elections, and unless they pave way for the political actors to sail through the rigours of electioneering, both sides of the coin would have to miss the game.

“The former political advisor however expressed confidence that looking critically at the unprecedented achievements the Kauran Bauchi-led administration recorded within the past three years of its stewardship, PDP as a party doesn’t need to embark on any electioneering campaign for its victory in 2023 polls.

Hon. Disina, a versatile politician whose political acumen and agility date back to the second republic, stressed the need for the political gladiators, and their supporters in the likes of Ibrahim Kashim to strictly abide by the rules of the political game, or else the train would be in jeopardy.

Disina lamented,

 “There is no cause to complain to the state governor about anything going within the ambit of his administration. He knows the in and out of the government as it relates to his stewardship, he is fully aware of all those gimmicks, machinations, clandestineness and all that about the political class, so why should one grumble” he said.

It was similarly gathered that the Bauchi state government chief scribe has hostile relationships with many public and private organizations and individuals in the society, including the journalists whom, it was alleged, he usually shortchanged.

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