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Borno committee to support community policing agenda of women in peace building


Borno committee to support community policing agenda of women in peace building

By Njadvara Musa, Maiduguri

The Police Community Relations Committee (PCRC) is to support the community policing agenda of women in peace building in Borno State.

According to the Committee, the support was to enhance mutual respect and understanding between the police and general public

Unveiling the peace building strategies in Maiduguri, the State Coordinator, Kaltume Ja’afaru disclosed: “The partnership with the police was to gain full understanding of the local safety issues,” adding that they affect various communities in the 27 Councils to protect people’s lives and property.

She noted that no police force in the world can succeed in fighting crimes without the “cooperation and help” from the general public they serve.

Kaltume, therefore, declared that; “Bringing the police and members of the public could enable the communities to establish informal security outfits,” adding that this will bridge the socio-psychological gabs between the police and the public.

Besides, she added that women and youths have the vantage positions and experience in public engagements, sensitizations and campaigns to prevent, drugs abuse, vandalism, political violence and thuggery among youths.

She lamented the unfortunate events during the recent electioneering campaign rallies of the ruling All Progressive Party (APC) and People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in the state.

“Despite the State of being the epicenter of Boko Haram terrorism, concerted effort were being made by the International Non-Governmental Organisations (INGOs) and local INGs, Governments, security agencies and philanthropists,” she said was to rebuild and restore hopes and livelihoods of the people.

She, therefore, condemned attitudes that could hinder the restoration of peace being enjoyed by the people affected in the over a dozen years of insurgency in the Northeast.

“If we destroy the state, into ruins with loss of more lives and property,” she warned, noting that the 2.5 million affected people have no other state than Borno.

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She therefore called on the people irrespective of their religion and political affiliations to promote peace and support the police and other security agencies.

According to her, the business of all was to achieve peace in boosting the local economy and fight crimes, poverty and unemployment among the youths and women.

She added that the local economy will be boosted with the developed strategies to achieve economic growth and development in the communities.

“Our partnership with the media was also to address the challenges of political and gender based violence in the state,” said Kaltume.

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