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China releases results of investigation into math textbook illustrations

China releases results of investigation into math textbook illustrations

China’s Ministry of Education on Monday announced the results of an investigation into problematic illustrations in math textbooks for primary school students published by the People’s Education Press (PEP).

According to a statement by the ministry, the illustrations of public concern failed to conform to the aesthetic preferences of the public in the overall painting style.

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Some of them did not meet high professional standards for illustration production. Certain illustrations featured errors and some other illustrations had the potential to cause misunderstandings.

A total of 27 people were held accountable for dereliction of duty, the ministry said.

It added that the services of Wu Yong, cover designer Lyu Min, and Lyu Jingren, as well as their workshops, would no longer be used for national textbooks’ design and illustration.

The PEP has completed recreating the illustrations of the math textbooks for primary school students and is making all-out efforts to ensure that the new books will be available before the start of the new semester in September.

Some other problematic illustrations circulated online, according to the statement, are not from PEP primary school math textbooks, and they will also be rectified.

The MOE said it had launched an overhaul of illustrations and content in textbooks, supplementary materials, and extracurricular reading materials for primary and middle schools across the country.

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