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Man Arrested For Sending Guns To Kano From Abuja

Man Arrested For Sending Guns To Kano From Abuja

By Abdullahi Ahmad Bamalli

The patrol group at the Zuba bus station in Abuja, arrested a man with eight guns who intended to take them to Kano State.

The DailyTrust newspaper quoted the head of patrols in the area, Yahaya Madaki, as saying that the incident happened on Wednesday.

He said that; “the man went to the bus station at about 2 o’clock in the afternoon where he was looking for a car to deliver the message to Kano”.

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“From there he found the driver who was going to Kano and handed him the message placed in a box and the phone number of the person who will receive the message in Kano, he added”.

According to the newspaper, the man was charged 10 thousand naira for carrying the goods, and he immediately paid, then the driver of the car asked to know what was in the box, then the man tried to run away, but he was instantly caught.

Yahaya Madaki said that; “when the box was opened, five AK-47 rifles and three small guns were found”.

The man is now with the police where they are investigating the matter.

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