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Patriots Salute Tinubu, Urge Losers To Seek Redress In Court


Patriots Salute Tinubu, Urge Losers To Seek Redress In Court

By Abdullahi Ahmad Bamalli

A political support group for the president-elect Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, the Patriots Roundtable has congratulated him on his victory at the poll and appealed to his opponents who are not satisfied with the outcome of the contest to seek redress in court.

Addressing the press in Lagos, the national coordinator of the group, Mr.Uthman Shodipe, said he was impressed that the election was peaceful, adding that those who complained that the electioneering process was not perfect, should understand there is no perfect democracy anywhere in the world.

He said Nigeria is still learning the digital electioneering process and it has not been perfected.

“No perfect democracy, it has a lot of intercession, this is the fourth time to use digitalisation in our election, it is still not perfect. It was when the hurdle was addressed that INEC started uploading the result publicly.

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“Contestants should learn how to accept defeat, you win some and lose some, let us accept the fact that one can’t win all the time. The contestants should learn from the former President Goodluck Jonathan, who demonstrated statesmanship in 2015 by congratulating his opponent even before the final result was announced.” Shodipe said.

He therefore urged the newly elected president to chart a new course for the country by embracing new ideas and bringing about a new development to the country, adding that is the benefit of having a new president.

“If America that has been in democracy for over 300 years still grapples with fundamental issues, Nigeria can be excused. Atiku Abubakar and others should embrace the result of the election and accept it. Nothing is perfect in human affairs and grade by grade we can start mending.

Shodipe said that the election of Tinubu was a joy for every Nigerian because they believed in him and that was why there was jubilation everywhere.

“But this much you must acknowledge of the Tinubu mystique: He can weather the bitterest storm , absorb the biggest blows, steady and firm before the withering animosities, unruffled by malice, indifferent to the calumny of the hour; resolved and focused to the duty of the moment.’’

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