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Police Officer Who Abused Civilian Has Been Fired


Police Officer Who Abused Civilian Has Been Fired

By Abdullahi Ahmad Bamalli

The Nigerian Police Force sacked one of its officers for abusing a civilian.

An officer named Liyomo Okai who works at the Ekori Police Headquarters in Rivers State was seen in a video dated July 31st beating a man with a machete.

The Police Force announced this on its Twitter page yesterday afternoon.

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It also said that the dismissal of the officer will take effect immediately from August 8th.

The Inspector General of Police, IGP Usman Alkali Baba psc(+), NPM, fdc, has expressed his dismay at the reports of harassment and extortion that some policemen are accused of in complaints made by the public in different media, presentations and including those made on social media.

The Inspector General of Police also instructed all commissioners of the agency to ensure close monitoring and supervision of the activities of its officers on the occurrence of such incidents.

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