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Residents of Nasarawa laud approval, use of old N200 notes till April 10


Residents of Nasarawa laud approval, use of old N200 notes till April 10

By Halima Abdulkadiri

Residents of Nyanya-Mararaba have commended President Muhammadu Buhari’s decision to allow the use of old N200 notes as legal tender for 60 days to cushion the effect of the currency swap policy.

A cross-section of residents at banks and ATM points in the metropolis who spoke to NORTHEAST STAR said the announcement by the president in his broadcast on Thursday was a big relief expected to ameliorate the sufferings occasioned by the policy.

They tasked the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to act immediately and ensure strict compliance by the banks for the desired result.

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some of the residents said, “For three days now no bank or ATM has dispensed new notes to customers in Nasarawa.

“People rush to line up as early as 4.00 a.m., daily in banks and ATM points in vain due to lack of new notes

“We hope the available N200 notes in CBN will be released without delay to cushion the problem,”

Fatima Abu, a customer trying to withdraw her business money said “the CBN should release the old notes to banks and monitor their circulation along with security agencies to ensure they give out to customers.

“The banks should be giving out between N5000 to N20,000 to ensure many customers benefit.

“Majority of the public need a small amount for basic things like food items, public transport or to eat in restaurants.

“If small businesses like ours who sell food and need small cash for sustenance are accessing small amounts with ease there will be no tension as you are seeing now,” Fatima said.

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