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Security worsens as terrorists abduct WHO staff in Borno


Security worsens as terrorists abduct WHO staff in Borno

Unknown gunmen have abducted a staff of the World Health Organization (WHO) in Borno state.

Our Nigeria News gathered that a group of suspected terrorists kidnapped the victim on Wednesday, 3 August 2022.

Meanwhile, security experts have warned staff of international NGOs to be cautious of their mobility in Borno state.

According to reports, it was gathered that the name of the victim held captive by a group of a suspected terrorists is Babagana Bulama.

A security expert, Dr. Abubakar Muhammed who gave his thoughts on the Incident, advised all staff of international non-governmental organizations (INGOs) to be cautious of their movement.

“This is an advice to all expatriates, especially staff of INGOs to be cautious and if possible avoid movement outside state capitals in the north, especially the northeast region.

“Terrorists and insurgents under different umbrella that I can’t mention are looking for them. Not because they want to kill them but because they can exchange them for bigger ransom payments.

“Now if we truly want to bring this terrorism and banditry to an end, we must make effort to stop the payments of ransom to these armed groups.

“And we can start by preventing the kidnap of high profiled persons like expatriates and so on.”

In another development, the Nigerian government has been urged to improve the funding of military operations.

Security experts have appealed to the government not to choose the path of recruiting mercenaries to fight insurgency.

These experts have described the Nigerian Army and its personnel as one with the full potential to combat insecurity.

Security worsens as terrorists abduct WHO staff in Borno

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