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Sen. Ibrahim Mohammed Bomoi: The best senator in the history of Yobe


Sen. Ibrahim Mohammed Bomoi: The best senator in the history of Yobe

By Musa Hussaini, Jajere

The people of Yobe South had suffered backwardness for decades as far as senatorial projects were concerned.

There were no enough roads in the major cities of the Senatorial District due to lack of good representation. The people had also suffered lack of water supply, especially in Fika, Gadaka and many villages around them, even Potiskum did not have enough water. In addition to these, there was no good medical facility in the whole of Yobe South.

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However, when Sen. Bomoi came onboard in 2019, he changed the narratives. Being a great and kind leader with relentless determination and commitment, he has been able to construct many roads, hospitals, ICT Centres, orphanage homes and many more projects in his constituency in less than three years in office. He has also worked on Fika, Gadaka and Ngeji water systems while Potiskum water supply is also in progress. What a performance!

Road infrastructure is the most important of all public assets. Roads are crucial to each and every society as they contribute immensely to economic growth and development because they facilitate the movement of goods and services and ease businesses.

They also attract economic activities and appreciate the value of a particular area. Moreover, they contribute to the growth and development of a community.
One day, we were seated and some group of engineers came and started measuring Tandari and Misau roads. We thought it was another deception knowing the reluctance of the government to construct the roads because they had been measured many times in the past. Some days after, we saw a caterpillar clearing the roads. Before we knew it, the story changed for the good.

To cut the story short, Tandari and Misau roads were constructed. It did not stop there, some other areas too got tarred.
Senator Bomoi also saved the people of Arikime from decades of bad roads by constructing a road which is named after him (Bomoi road). In appreciation, the Arikime Youth Development Association (AYDA) organised Walima (eating for celebration) on the 26th of March, 2021 to rejoice the development.

Walima was also organised by the Dogo Tebo Youth Forum (DTYF) on 24th of July, 2021 to show their appreciation to the Senator for yet another construction of layin fanfo mai baki biyu road.

One of the offed roads; Gadan talakawa road is now reconstructed. It was flagged off on the 26th of December, 2020. This road and the other two; Bomoi and Fanfo mai baki biyu roads were commissioned on of 15th of March, 2021 by the representatives of the Senator. The Senator is also constructing an orphanage home in low cost, Potiskum.

Information and Communication Technology is a vital tool in development. ICT permeates all aspects of life. It provides quicker, better and newer ways for people to come together for development. Of all the four local government areas in Yobe South, there was no single ICT centre brought by previous senators.

As someone who loves his people, Sen. Bomoi changed the narrative by constructing four standard ICT centres in Potiskum, Fune and Fika. One of the new ICT Centres is constructed in Government Science and Technical College, Damagum, Fune. It was commissioned on the 8th of December, 2020. I believe this will enable the students to have access to the skills needed to make the society prosper.

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Another ICT Centre is constructed at the College of Administration and Business Studies (CABS), Potiskum. The centre is well and fully equipped. It was commissioned on the 21st of December, 2020.

Also, Government Secondary School, Fika is updated and decorated with a new ICT Centre which is equipped with new modern devices that will help transform the students into a skilled labour force.

Moreover, Government Secondary School, Mamudo is one of the beneficiaries of the construction of ICTs by the Distinguished Senator Ibrahim Mohammed Bomoi. They were left behind in terms of IT, hence the Senator came to their rescue by constructing an ICT Centre for them to be able to catch up.

The establishment of these ICT centres will boost the technological know-how of the people of Yobe South which in turn leads to a skilled labour force. The skilled workforce will automatically develop not only Yobe South, but also the entire state.

Health plays a major role in development of any society. Without health, nothing can be done. Health makes people to be more productive. It boost economic activities. Wealthier economies have healthier population because the economic performance of any society is directly related to its health performance.

This is one of the reasons Sen. Bomoi made the commitment to build hospitals in Dawasa and Kukar gadu. To treat patients well, hospitals need enough medicines. He donated medicines to some hospitals in Potiskum, Fika and Fune. It was a huge donation, of which patients of the different hospitals testified to.

Sen. Ibrahim Mohammed Bomoi: The best senator in the history of Yobe

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