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Troops Thwart ISWAP Ambush: One Fatality and Five Injured


Troops Thwart ISWAP Ambush: One Fatality and Five Injured

In a harrowing incident on KARETO Road, located in the Mobbar Local Government Area of Borno State in Northeast Nigeria, a commuter vehicle fell victim to a roadside improvised explosive device (IED) ambush.

It is strongly suspected that this IED was strategically placed by the Islamic State of West African Province (ISWAP) with the intention of launching a subsequent gun attack.

The result of this sinister plot was a tragic one, with one passenger losing their life and five others sustaining varying degrees of injuries. The commuter vehicle itself also suffered considerable damage.

Swiftly responding to the crisis, the troops of the 5 Brigade Operation Hadin Kai initiated fighting clearance patrols to secure the area.

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They successfully cleared the scene, ensuring the safety of the remaining passengers and the recovery of both the deceased and the injured individuals, who were subsequently transported to Gubio Town.

During the operation to recover the victims of the ambush, a skirmish ensued as the troops engaged in a firefight with the terrorists who had lurked in the vicinity. However, as the firefight unfolded, the terrorists managed to escape the scene using a single xGT vehicle and several motorcycles.

At this juncture, the exact number of casualties remains undetermined, as the fleeing terrorists left the scene before they could be apprehended. The incident underscores the ongoing security challenges facing the region, as extremist groups like ISWAP continue to pose a threat to both civilians and security forces.

Troops Thwart ISWAP Ambush: One Fatality and Five Injured

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