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Vote Dan Barde to end infrastructural decay, Bargan Gombe urges residents


Vote Dan Barde to end infrastructural decay, Bargan Gombe urges residents

By Auwal Ibrahim

The leader of the State House of Assembly candidates in Gombe State Hon. Sadiq Gidado (Bargan Gombe), has urged residents to vote Alh. Jibrin Danbarde, candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party in the state described him as the best in the Gombe 2023 gubernatorial contest.

Gidado made this disclosure in an interview with Newsmen in Gombe.

Could you tell us what your candidate has done for the people of Gombe state?

Our candidate did a lot for the people of Gombe State, but he has distinguished himself from other politicians by keeping what he did to himself God will reward him for what he has done.

As I mentioned previously, he accomplished a variety of tasks, like building several boreholes in different Areas such as Shamaki Ward and Bajoga Area of Gombe State.

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He also gave scholarships to less privileged people, and he employed many young people, particularly in the banking sector.

He also built free hostels in Federal University Kashere, which students are benefiting from; above all Muhammad Jibril Barde is a trustworthy individual.

How do you think your candidate will defeat a sitting Governor?

Of course, we can because this government has failed to keep their promises, and we have developed a blueprint that will bring about rapid development to the people of Gombe State.

The Governor did a lot of work, especially building roads in 114 wards and upgrade of hospitals, What can you say in response?

Answer: We cannot call this work because this government enriched themselves not the people of Gombe State.

He promised free fertiliser to the farmers of Gombe but never delivered it.

Unfortunately, this government awards contracts to themselves and close business allies alone.

We don’t know who built the Government House wall, and they awarded the contract with a huge amount of money.

In a state where people are living in abject poverty, many people are sleeping on empty stomachs, there is no work, and almost 5,000 young people have lost their jobs.

We must stand up and change this government, or we will continue to live with hunger and poverty in Gombe State.

That is why I am urging Gombe residents to vote for Muhammad Jibrin Danbarde, a game-changer in Gombe State.

Because the current Governor is modelling himself like Kaduna State Governor.

Go and inquire about what happened to marketers in Kaduna
With their shops but they are paying rent now at a higher cost.

That’s what Gombe Governor want to implement in our state.

We’re appealing to our marketers/Businessmen to wake up and fight to change this Government.

Is it true that the Government House wall will last forever and that the people of Gombe will benefit from it?

People are living in treble hunger and poverty; they are talking about building a wall; you must empower people before building infrastructure, but this government has refused to keep their promises.

Go and ask people how they are crying because the government is not paying enough money for compensation

However, during the PDP Dankwambo administration, he tried hard to provide adequate compensation. People in Gombe State admired him for that.

Honourable what is your message to the people of Gombe, particularly the youth?

My call to the people of Gombe is that they should join us in changing the APC government for a good future and the betterment of our beloved state.

Alh Jibrin Danbarde is the only hope we have and he is the only surviving politician we have; let us help him for better development and a brighter future.

I’m also urging Gombe residents, particularly young people, to vote for Muhammad Jibrin Danbarde because he has a good mission for youths and is willing to support them.

Because this government has failed the people of Gombe by failing to keep their promises.

By God’s grace, if you vote for the PDP in Gombe State, you will not be disappointed.

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