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Nigeria Rail system, New soft target for Kidnapping business


Nigeria Rail system, New soft target for Kidnapping business


It bearly one year terrorists attacked Abuja-Kaduna passenger train on March 28, 2022, in which about 14 persons were killed and 63 officially declared abducted.

And now the Saturday Igueben train sub-station attack in Edo State, we record that No fewer than 31 passengers and staff of the Nigerian Railway Corporation (NRC) were believed to have been abducted by gunmen.

The attack, however, forced the Nigeria Railway Corporation, NRC, to temporarily suspend activities while President Muhammadu Buhari directed security agencies to rescue the victims.

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The Nigerian Railway Corporation (NRC) on Sunday announced the closure of Ekehen Station in Edo State till further notice.

The current reality is that no one is safe in Nigeria and our 200 million compatriots have nowhere to run to.

Bandits and terrorists now see Train stations as soft target where operations can be carried out with little or no stress abducting and killing innocent Nigerians.

It is no News that In the North-East, the Islamist group, Boko Haram, has waged a bloody insurgency against the country for the past 14 years and an estimated 35,000 people have been killed, with over three million people displaced by the conflict. In the South-East, the key actors are said to be “unknown gunmen” carrying out orders of the separatist organisation, Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and its militia wing, Eastern Security Network (ESN).

They have targeted government buildings and security personnel. The have also imposed a stay-at-home order that has been crippling the economy of the zone, while those who break the order are regularly attacked and killed.

With attacks across the country, and now train attacks in the country, government promises are seen as mere words with no actions making it evidently clear that the Military formation in the country lacks intelligence information about various happenings in the country.

If two train stations were attacked within a year, where will the next target be? No place of safety, will Nigerians continually live in fear or japa to nations where the system gives safety.

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